Rideable Dragon Vehicle

Welcome to the exciting world of rideable dragons in Second Life! Take to the skies and explore the virtual world in style with our incredible dragon vehicles. These stunning creatures are fully rideable, with a range of customizable options to make your dragon truly your own. Choose from a range of colors and textures, and take advantage of the intuitive control system to soar through the clouds and experience Second Life like never before. Whether you’re looking for a new form of transportation or just want to experience the thrill of flying on a dragon, our rideable dragons are the perfect choice for any adventurer!



Step into a world of fantasy with our spectacular rideable dragon vehicle! When you sit on the dragon he comes to life, flapping his wing ready to take you on an adventure. Place the series of rezzer rocks on your land to easily rez perched dragons that are waiting for riders.

Once you’re riding the dragon, simply touch it to access an options menu with a couple of camera angles and a texture menu offering 12 stunning presets. Choose the color that suits your mood and style, or switch it up every time you ride.

Our dragon vehicle set comes with 12 rezzer rocks rezzing a different color dragon for each. There are two sets of 12, The dragons in one set will delete automatically when the rider stands. The other will wait 30 seconds in case they want to remount.

While each rock has been set up with a specific color dragon, you can easily change the color to your liking once mounted. And for added convenience, the rezzer rock itself can be touched to display an options menu to show/hide it, or turn it on/off.

The Dragon Land Impact is just 48, and the land impact of the rock is a mere 3, making this a perfect addition to any region. So why wait? Come and ride our majestic dragon vehicle and discover a whole new world of adventure and excitement! We do also have a demo in our main store if you would like to try it.

Please note that this item is marked modify, but as the dragon is animated mesh you will not be able to resize it.