Magic Flying Carpet

Take a magic carpet ride through the skies of Second Life! With this latest 2022 iteration of the beloved classic, you can soar through the clouds with a friend or two by your side. Whether you’re exploring new regions or just enjoying the view, this animated Animesh carpet is the perfect way to travel in style. Simply touch the carpet to adjust the speed, position, and camera view, and let your imagination take flight! And with the included rezzer, you can share the magic with your guests too. Get ready to feel like a true Arabian Nights hero with your very own magic carpet.



Looking for a unique and magical way to travel around Second Life? Look no further than the latest 2022 version of our magic flying carpet! Seating up to two passengers and the main driver, this animated (Animesh) flying carpet will take you on an unforgettable ride. With options to adjust speed, position, and camera view, this magic carpet is perfect for exploring SL’s many wonders or just cruising around with friends. Plus, with an included rezzer for automatic rezzing, you can easily share the fun with all your guests. Why walk or fly when you can soar on a magic carpet in Second Life?

The magic carpet is animated Animesh and can seat two passengers along with the main driver.

Included in this pack is a ‘Owner Only’ version that will allow only you to ride and an ‘Anyone Drive’ version that will allow other people to take the driver seat. It also includes a rezzer you can place on your land that will automatically rez a carpet ready for your guests to fly.

Touch the magic flying carpet to display its built in options menu. Here you can adjust the magic carpet speed, your position and the camera view. The carpet has 41 prims and the rezzer is 1 prim.