Giant Yarn Ball Vehicle

Looking for some yarn-tastic fun in Second Life? Look no further than our giant ball of yarn that you can run around on! Get ready to feel like a playful kitten as you hop and skip around on this adorable ball of yarn. It works for human avatars but with a special set of animations for Tiny Avatars and customizable height adjustment, this yarn ball is perfect for all feline friends out there. Plus, we’ve even included a handy rezzer so you can create a whole yarn-filled playground for you and your friends to enjoy! So come on, let’s play and unravel some fun on our giant yarn ball in Second Life!



Indulge in some playful fun with our giant ball of yarn that doubles up as a platform to run around on in Second Life! Once seated on the yarn ball, you can access the options menu to adjust your avatar’s height and select a unique set of animations if you are a Tiny Avatar. Dinkies can also adjust the height to bring them closer to the ball while using the regular set of animations.

To create a fun experience for you and your friends, we’ve included a rezzer base that will spawn auto-deleting yarn balls. You can even alter the offset of the yarn ball from the base by adjusting the settings notecard. So come on, embrace your inner child, and run wild on our giant yarn ball in Second Life!