Rocket Sleigh

Are you ready for some high-flying action in Second Life? Look no further than the Rocket Sleigh – an exciting rocker powered vehicle that will take you on a thrilling ride through the skies. With two versions included in the pack – an ‘Owner Only’ version and one available to anyone – you can share the excitement with others or keep it all to yourself. The rocket sleigh is easy to use with the arrow and page up/down keys, and you can even adjust its base speed and camera angles to suit your preferences. Plus, the included land rezzer makes it easy for your guests to join in on the fun. If you’re looking to add some excitement to your second life, the Rocket Sleigh is a must-have.



Introducing the Rocket Sleigh – a thrilling rocker powered vehicle that can soar through the skies in Second Life. To use it, simply drop it on the ground and sit on it, then use the arrow keys and page up/down keys (or up/down keys used for avatar flight if your keyboard lacks page up/down keys) to take off.

There are two versions included in the pack: an ‘Owner Only’ version to ensure that only you can use it, and a version available to anyone. While in flight, simply touch the rocket sleigh to access its menu options, including different camera perspectives and the ability to adjust its base speed.

As a bonus, the pack also includes a ‘rezzer’ that you can place on your land, allowing your guests to enjoy the rocket sleigh as well. The rezzer itself is a small object with an arrow indicating the direction the sleigh will face upon rezzing. You can touch it to turn it on and off, and even make it invisible. Add some excitement to your Second Life experience with the Rocket Sleigh and its accompanying land rezzer today!