My name is Abramelin Wolfe in Second Life ( aka Jim Clark in Real Life ). I use the avatar name 'Abramelin Wolfe' and the Abranimations® brand as the outlet for my Virtual World and other online content creation projects. My wife ( Wildcat Snowpaw ) also helps with some of the 3D Character art we use for avatars and pets.

Abranimations® was founded in 2004 when I joined the online game Second Life. It sells in-game motion capture animations as well as a wide range of Toys, Games, Gadgets and Avatars. I am still very active in Second Life which remains the primary home of Abranimations® . I also have content available in IMVU, Sansar, Sine Space and OpenSim and am frequently exploring new online platforms for creative opportunities.

I have the seperate real life brand Awesome Dog Mocap through which I provide motion capture animation for 3D Artists and Game Developers. The Awesome Dog mocap animation library is still currently quite small having only recently launched. This will change over time though as I process and release content from our extensive library of animations.

This is my personal website and blog www.abramelinwolfe.com

Abramelin Wolfe