Our store has grown very large over the years with many different product types. As a result I have (to date) found it impossible to implement an automated redelivery system that works across all our products. If you purchased a product from the marketplace and it is copy / no transfer then you can request a redelivery directly from the marketplace website. If you purchased a product in world within the last couple of years then (with the exception of individual dances and a few other products) you you should be able to request a redelivery by clicking on the original vender (or by using a redelivery terminal if we have one setup).


As noted above, not all our products are available through the automated redelivery system. I may still be able to help though if you contact me directly (email or note card) and provide details. As I will have to manually track down your transaction I will need as much information as possible. I regrettably cannot simply search all my logs from all time based simply on your avatar name. This takes to long for me to do and is simply not viable. However if you can provide me with the following information I may be able to help.

a) Exact date you purchased the item
b) Details of the item you purchased ( ie. please let me know what the item was )
c) Please let me know if you purchased it in-world or on the marketplace.
d) If you are able to provide me with a transaction number that is even better!
e) Anything else that you think might be relevant and help me locate your original purchase.
( For example please do tell me if it was on a different avatar, I really really dislike searching for transactions that do not exist! )

Please note that if I am unable locate your original transaction I may not be able to redeliver the item.


Sometimes items do not arrive in SL for one reason or another. Please don't get angry at me if this happens. It is not due to my vendors, its just SL! If an item doesn't arrive when you purchase it I will do my best to replace the item as soon as possible. If the product is not an individual animation purchased in world then please first try using the automatic redelivery system on the marketplace (if you purchased there) or by touching the vendor you purchased from in-world and select the redelivery option.

If automated redelivery is not working for your item then please contact me directly by email, contact form on this website, or by sending a note card to me in world ( Abramelin Wolfe ). Please include all the relevant details to help me locate your transaction ( avatar name, date of purchase and item purchased ). Please do not leave it too long before contacting me as it gets trickier to manage the longer time goes by.


If your item was lost for some reason other than delivery failure then I might be able to help, but this is at my sole discretion and managed in a case by case way. Manually tracking and replacing items can take a tremendous amount of time, so is not always possible. If I am unable to track down your original transaction or the request is too extreme I may refuse ( For example I cannot search for and replace your entire inventory because you got hacked! And I certainly cannot do it simply from knowing your avatar name! ).

Please treat all items purchased from our store as you would real life items. Please keep them as safe as you can! If it is a copy item please make backups and even consider dropping a copy in a box in world as a backup in case of 'Inventory Mishaps'. I make the vast majority of our items copy so that you can make backups.

Occasionally people contact me to request a redelivery because they have had an inventory clear out and deleted everything to start fresh. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!!!

Both automated and my own manually redelivery services are intended  for emergency use only and are offered as a complimentary service. It should not be assume that they will always be available. Once you have purchased an item it is ultimately your responsibility to look after it. If you lose it you may need to purchase it again to replace it.


Please note that in some circumstances I cannot or will not replace items. This is a list of a few examples.

a) I CANNOT FIND YOUR TRANSACTION - If I cannot find a transaction from you I will not send a replacement out. For this reason please send as much information as possible to help me find the original transaction. Please note that my logs are not always complete and do not go back to the beginning.
( see above - when automatic redeliveries do not work )

b) TRANSFER / NO COPY ITEMS - Most of our items are 'copy / no trans'. A few items however are 'trans / no copy'. These items tend to be offered at a cheaper price than copy versions. I usually cannot send  replacements out for these if they are lost because they can be easily transferred to other avatars. You should be extra carful when taking them back into inventory after use. And if you have given anyone else permissions to your stuff, please make sure they do not take it or delete it.

c) LARGE QUANTITIES - I cannot replace entire inventories manually. You may be able to use the automated redelivery systems to retrieve some items if you have experienced mass inventory loss. I cannot search through my logs and manually replace them though.

d) REPLACE ITEMS YOU PURCHASED YEARS AND YEARS AGO - I cannot replace items that were purchased a really long time ago. Aside from the fact I do not keep logs that go back forever, some items are no longer available in the store or have had significant updates that are not elegiable for free upgrade.


If you have received an item but it appears to be an empty box. Please note that the box is Extremely Unlikely to in fact be empty. Almost every time this has happened it has been due to an unpacking failure. To unpack the item from its box you will need to perform the following steps...

1) Drop the box on the ground and right click on it.
2) Select open and then click the 'Copy to Inventory' button.
3) This will make a folder in your inventory with the box contents inside.

Sometimes our boxed items will send a note card when touched. Please keep in mind that this may not be an unpack script. It does this as the box in question was once used as a vendors that gives more information about the product when clicked. Even though you got the notecard, the item may still be in the box. You will need to follow the above steps to unpack it.