* Redelivery Policy *

1. Our store has grown very big over the years with many different product types. As a result I have (to date) found it logistically too hard to implement an automated redelivery system. For this reason we do not have a redelivery terminal in our store. I manage all redeliveries myself manually.

2. If you need an item redelivered because it was lost or did not arrive when purchased, please provide me with as much information as possible. Item name, Avatar name that made purchase, date purchased and if possible transaction number are all helpful. If I am unable locate your original transaction I may not be able to redeliver the item.

3. Except in exceptional circumstances I generally cannot redeliver lost ‘no copy’ permission items. Please be extra careful with these items when taking them back into inventory or leaving them in-world. I make most items copy so they can be backed up. Please do backup if possible.

4. To request a redelivery please send me a note card in-world, email me or use the contact form on our website. Please provide as much information as possible.