Monster Truck

If you’re looking for a fun and powerful vehicle in Second Life, look no further than the Monster Truck! Perfect for off-roading and making a statement, this vehicle is sure to turn heads. With an easy-to-use control system and customizable options, you can make it your own and blaze a trail across the grid. Whether you’re using it for racing, stunts, or just cruising around, the Monster Truck is a must-have for any adrenaline junkie in SL.



This is a massive monster truck that you can ride around Secondlife. Rez it on the ground, jump on and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to drive it. Need to get over a tough obstacle? Use the Page Up/Page Down keys to flip the front or back of the vehicle up!

Customize your truck by selecting one of the built-in color options or by turning off the undercarriage fire effect when flipping the truck. The included rezzing system makes it easy for you to leave the truck on your land for you and your friends to use whenever you want. Want to add a personal touch to your monster truck? No problem! It’s modifiable, so feel free to link items and props to make it your own.

With a Land Impact of 62, this truck may be a bit higher than most SL vehicles, but its impressive size and are worth it. Jump into the driver’s seat and let the good times roll!