Paper Airplane Thrower

Introducing the latest addition to our collection of fun and interactive items for Second Life – the Paper Plane Thrower! With this innovative product, you can enjoy the simple pleasure of throwing paper planes and watching them soar through the virtual skies. Easy to use and customizable, the Paper Plane Thrower is the perfect addition to your inventory for solo play or shared experiences with friends. Bring some lighthearted fun to your Second Life with the Paper Plane Thrower – get yours today!





Are you looking for a little bit of silly fun in your Second Life? Imagine grabbing a paper plane and throwing it into the air, watching it take off in a flurry of excitement. With a paper plane thrower, you can do just that! It’s a playful addition to your inventory that will bring out your inner child and provide hours of entertainment. Throw them when teachers back is turned!

To use it, simply attach it by right-clicking and selecting ‘Wear’. Once attached, enter mouselook mode to aim and left-click the mouse button to throw the paper plane.

As the paper airplane floats around, it will take a randomized flight path. You can customize the paper plane by adjusting the airplane’s speed and texture settings, these settings can be accessed through an options menu that appears when you touch the plane while its held in your avatars hand.