Balloon Stand & Balloons

Looking for a fun and playful addition to your experience in Second Life? The Balloons and Balloon Stand are the perfect items to bring some lighthearted joy to any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a virtual party or just looking to spread some cheer, the stand and balloon accessories are sure to make everyone smile. With customizable color options and a unique vehicle feature for the stand allowing you to push it around. The Balloons and Balloon Stand offers endless hours of fun and amusement. Get your Balloons and Balloon Stand today and let the party begin!



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Introducing our Balloons and Balloon Stand!

The Balloon Stand allows you to give balloons to other avatars. They can touch it to receive a folder with a balloon inside. Or you can change the description field of the balloon stand to an integer number and sell balloons from it instead. It’s the perfect accessory for virtual events and parties!

The fun doesn’t stop ther! – Sitting on the Balloon Stand allows you to use it as a vehicle and push it around the region your in.

These playful balloon accessories distributed from the stand are perfect for anyone looking to add some fun and color to their virtual world experience. The main balloon, Abranimations Realistic Balloon v1, creates a follower balloon with a particle string attaching to your hand for a realistic look. While it requires land that allows rezzing items, we’ve also included the Balloon on Stick! (For No Rez Land) for use in areas that do not allow rezzing, albeit with less realistic movement.

To customize your balloon, simply type ‘/7balloon’ in chat to display the color options menu.

Worried about your balloon bursting? No need – touching a rezzed balloon will automatically replace it with another!