Rave Baton

Are you tired of just standing around at Second Life parties, wishing you could be part of the dance floor action? Look no further than our amazing rave baton! With its mesmerizing spinning animation and dazzling light display, you’ll be the life of the party in no time.

And the best part? The baton has a separate animation from your avatar, so its movement looks super cool and natural! So get ready to spin, twirl, and dance the night away with our rave baton – the ultimate party prop for any true Second Life dance enthusiast.




Introducing our newest addition to the dance prop collection – the rave baton! This prop is designed to use the avatar bento bones, allowing for separate animation from the avatar and the freedom to spin it around the hands without being locked in place.

To activate, simply right-click the dance baton in your inventory and select “wear” to attach it to your avatar. Please note that for the animation to work properly, the baton must be attached to the groin bone ( This is the default point it comes set up as, so should attach to it automatically when you select ‘Wear’ ) – Attaching the dance baton to any other attachment point will cause it to malfunction. We animated the groin bone as a pope bone for the baton animation so it can spin around seperate from the avatar hands.

The baton has a few built in options you can trigger from chat…

Say /1glow – to display the batons drop down menu.
Say /1color – Adjust color of the rave trails
Say /1trails – Adjust rave trail length
Say /1dances – Select from the built in dances
Say /1playall – Play all dances in sequence
Say /1stop – Stop dancing

If you’re a fan of this prop, we have even more in store for you! Check out our cane dances, which work in a similar fashion and are just as stylish and entertaining.