Gramophone Record Player

Looking to bring some old-world charm and nostalgic crackle to your Second Life home? Look no further than our delightful Crackly Gramophone! With a few built-in songs to transport you to simpler times and a control menu to start and stop the music, this gramophone is the perfect addition to any home. And if you’re feeling creative, you can even add your own songs by placing song notecards inside the gramophone!





Introducing the fun and nostalgic Crackly Gramophone! With its built-in songs and authentic crackling sound, it’s the perfect addition to your Second Life home. Simply touch the gramophone to display its control menu, where you can start and stop the music and select your favorite song. It comes with 4 tunes loaded! Want to add your own personal touch? No problem! Just add some “Song Notecards” and create a playlist of your own.

Include Songs…
Brass Band
Good King Wenceslas
Silent Night
Random Old Crackly Song