AniMesh Dancing Flower

Introducing our fun and whimsical dancing flower toy in Second Life! Modeled after the real-life Rock ‘N’ Flower toy, our dancing flower is a playful addition to any virtual environment.

Our toy features a colorful flower in a pot that bounces and dances to music, providing a delightful and entertaining experience for users. With its realistic animations and movements, our dancing flower will bring a smile to your face and brighten up any room.

Why not add a little joy to your day with our dancing flower toy? Get one today and watch it groove to your favorite tunes!





This is an AniMesh dancing flower ornament designed to imitate the real life Dancing Rockin’Flower toy.

The flower does not move specifically in time to music, but it can dance! It comes with a few dances built in to make it move, and you can load your own SL dances to it by dragging them into its contents.

The included dances are called ‘Flower Dance 1’, ‘Flower Dance 2’ and ‘Flower Dance 3’. These can be deleted if you like (they do not work well with humans), but if you do delete them make sure not to delete the script inside or the animation called ‘!!!!!!!!PotLock’ otherwise it will not work correctly.

Touching the flower will display an options menu.
From here you can turn it on/off and also select one of the 8 color options.

Sorry about the high Land Impact of 22. This is due to the extra LI imposed on Animesh items.