Magical Flying Rug

Introducing our magic flying rug, the perfect vehicle for those looking to travel in style and comfort in Second Life. Simply drop it on the ground and sit on it to take off into the skies. Use the arrow keys and up and down keys to fly smoothly and effortlessly through the air. The rug also comes with different camera options and the ability to adjust the speed to your liking. Don’t want anyone else using your rug? We’ve got you covered with an owner-only version. Take to the skies and explore Second Life like never before with our magic flying rug.



Introducing our magical Animesh flying rug vehicle in Second Life! Simply drop it on the ground and sit on it, and use the arrow keys and page up/down keys on your keyboard to take flight. ( If your computer doesn’t have a page up/page down key, you can use the up/down keys you would normally use for your avatar when in flight. )

We’ve included both an ‘Owner Only’ version and a version anyone can use. While flying, touch the rug to access the options menu where you can change the camera view and adjust the base speed to be fast or slower.

We’ve also included a convenient ‘rezzer’ object that you can drop on your land to allow guests to easily use the flying rug. The rezzer comes with its own set of options, allowing you to turn it on/off and make it visible/invisible.

The animesh feature of the rug means that it ripples and bends with your turning.