Kitty Catch Yarn Game

Welcome to the Kitty Catchyarn Game, where you’ll help our inter-dimensional kitty friends deliver their precious yarn to their kitty friends in a neighboring dimension. You’ll fly a drone to pick up and carry kitties and their yarns to the inter-dimensional portal box, but watch out for obstacles and other kitties in the air. The fun doesn’t end there, as you can play with friends or beat your own high score in a single-player game. Get ready for a meow-tastic adventure!



This is the Kitty Catchyarn Game! In this multiplayer game, you get to control drones carrying adorable kitty cats. But this game isn’t just for multiplayer fun, you can also play it solo to try and beat your best score. The objective is to move the kitty carrying drones to the box of yarns so they can pick one up and then move the kitty holding the yarn to the Inter-Dimensional Kitty portal Box.

It turns out, kitties are actually inter-dimensional beings and they’ve discovered some other kitties in a neighboring dimension that have no yarns to play with, so they’re sending them over!

To play, sit on one of the game pads and control the kitty drone with the arrow keys and page up/page down to fly. You can even create your own obstacle course by renaming certain prims in the game. Plus, there’s a scoreboard to track scores and start timed games.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to catch some kitties and have a blast with the Kitty Catchyarn Game!

Please remember that as with all physics based objects and games in SL, lag and heavy loads on a region can dramatically affect the ease of control. It is recommended for best performance not to use it in a region with lots of people, or a region that is suffering any performance issues. Especially if there is chat lag on the region, as there is quite a bit of chat communication used to make this game work.

There are 6 pads included, each with a different color kitty. You do not have to use them all. I have just provided them as options. Id suggest not having too many players.

Inside each pad there is a settings notecard. This has a few options you can set.

This is the channel that the pad uses to communicate with a specific scoreboard set to the same number. If you have multiple instances of the game on one region you should change the number here and in a scoreboard you wish to match it with.

SIT_POS=<0.0, 0.0, 0.8>
Set this if you wish to change the avatar offset when they sit on the pad.

CAMERA_OFFSET=<0.0, 0.0, 3>
Set this if you wish to change where the camera is positioned

CAMERA_TARGET=<-1.4, 0.0, 3.5>
Set this if you wish to change where the camera is looking

There is a frantic waving arms animation in the pad when the player is trying to direct the kitty cats. You can turn this off here if it is annoying you.

The has a start stop button that can be pressed to start a game, and stop it if you have permission to do so. There is also a reset button on the board that will reset the scores on both the board and the pads.

The pads actually track the score of a player, and when they stand will reset when they sit again. This reset on the pad will not affect the scoreboard though. This means the pads can be used without the scoreboard if you like but players must remain sitting through the game. If you are using the scoreboard players can stand and sit again, and the scoreboard will keep on scoring. In match games this is useful if your kitty gets stuck or lost as you can just stand up and sit down again to rez a new one.

Inside the scoreboard is a notecard with various settings…

The notecard has comments inside it to explain the various settings. But to summerize here it has options to…
Change the communication channel with the pads
Change start countdown time in seconds
Change game length time in seconds
Change whether it announces points scored in chat
Restrict who can start a game
Restrict who can reset the board
Restrict who can hit ‘Start’ mid game to force a game to stop
Options to adjust game chat messages
Options to turn Game Sounds on/off
An access list that you can specify names in when access list restrictions are applied.

This will be variable depending on how you set the game up.
Drone cats = 9 Prims Each
Base Platforms = 1 Prim
Box of Yarn = 1 Prim
Inter-Dimensional Kitty Portal Box = 2 Prims
Scoreboard = 39 Prims