Air Hockey Game Table

Welcome to our Air Hockey game table! It’s the perfect addition to any virtual game room or entertainment venue, offering hours of fun and friendly competition.

The air hockey game table is designed to be intuitive and easy to play, with simple controls that allow players to quickly get in on the action. Take position on one side of the table and simply touch the table on your side to move your mallet and hit the puck into your opponent’s goal to score. The game is fast-paced and exciting, providing hours of fun and entertainment.

Our Air Hockey game features some customizable options that can be changed in the settings notecard inside it. You can change the table textures to one of 9 options, and adjust the score needed to win a game.

It’s the perfect choice for players who want to test their reflexes and compete with friends or other players for the top score. The game is on display in the games section of our main store should you wish to try it out!






To use this air hockey game table the players should sit on either side. When they sit a ‘pusher’ will appear in front of them. Clicking on the table and dragging will cause the players pusher to move to that position. The aim of the game is to hit the red game puck with the pusher into your opponents goal.

By default the winner is the first to 7 points. This can be changed by altering the settings notecard inside the table. The settings has various other settings too. I would not advice changing many of them unless you are sure what you are doing though. There are various texture options built in that can be changed from this settings notecard.

If the game puck should escape the table for any reason the table will try to create a new one in the center. If it does not and there is no puck in play either player can hit the red puck button to create a new one.

A note about lag…
Please note that the game puck in this game is physical. In lagged region conditions it may have unpredictable or unexpected behavior. Please note that this game is meant to be used in generally good region conditions.


The following settings can be changed in a notecard inside the game table…

This is the channel the table uses to communicate on. Change this for each table if you have lots of them in close proximity to prevent miscommunication between them.

This is the number of points a player needs to win. Default is set to 7

This changes if the player appears in the center before play, or on a serving players side.

of win sound effect

Default camera offset for players when they sit

Where camera is looking for a player relative to its position


default texture for table surface white,black,blue