Arcade Skee Ball Game

Welcome to our Abranimations arcade-style skee ball game! Its the perfect addition to any virtual game room or entertainment venue, offering hours of fun and friendly competition for players.

Our skee ball game is designed to be intuitive and fun to play, with simple controls that allow players to quickly get in on the action. Click on the ball to get the ball attachment, and hit the start button. Then aim in mouselook and throw the balls up the alley. Try and get as many in the hi score holes as possible. You have 9 balls. See what the highest score you can get is with those 9 throws.




Skee Ball is a popular game played in arcades and Fun Fairs. It involves throwing a number of balls up a lane so they hit the ramp at the end and jump up into one of the score zones. You have 9 balls per game. To play you must attach the ball attachment. You can acquire this by touching the ball in the dispenser hole on the right hand side of the lanes. Press the red button to start a game. You can stop a game by pressing the button again.

Aim in mouselook and hold the left mouse button to build up power. Let go to throw the ball. The longer you hold the mouse the more power the ball will have and faster it will travel.

This game has a Land Impact of 41. This does not include the temp rez balls.

Inside the game there is a settings notecard with a few options you can change if you wish.


You can change the number of balls. Please note that although you can set it to play more than 9 balls per game, only single digits will be displayed on the game board. This feature is intended for reducing number of balls per round rather than increasing.


The above are the UUIDs for various sound effects used by the game. if you have your own sounds you wish to use then you can add the UUIDs for them here.


If you wish to charge people to play you can set the price here. If COST_PER_PLAY is set to zero then the game is free to play.


The above values range from 0 – 1 and can be used to adjust music and sound volume. 0 is silent. 1 is its loudest setting.

If set to TRUE this will cause a sensor to check every 10 seconds for abandoned games and force them to end if the original player is no longer found within a 50 meters radius.