Dartboard Game

Looking for a fun and exciting way to pass the time in Second Life? Our dartboard game is the perfect choice! Whether you’re looking to test your aim, challenge your friends, or just have some fun, this game has got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned darts player or a beginner, our game is easy to use and perfect for players of all levels. You’ll feel like you’re at the pub playing with friends.




Introducing our fantastic working dart board game! To start playing darts, simply place the dartboard in-world and click the doors to open it. With realistic gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re at the pub playing with friends!

Touch the dartboards “Game Options” button below the main board to access a variety of options. Whether you want to change the game mode or style, our dartboard game has everything you need for a great time.


GET DARTS – This will send you a folder with red/blue dart thrower. To throw darts attach the thrower you wish to use then aim in mouselook. CLICK and HOLD the mouse button to build power. RELEASE mouse button to throw. Included is an optional hud you can attach to display power. This can be useful while learning but is not necessary when you have the feel for it.

FREESTYLE – This will start a freestyle accumulator game with no end point. Points will just continue to go up for both players as they score. This is useful it you wish to just have a timed game and such like.

OFF – Stop a current darts game

CLEAR DARTS – Clear darts from the dartboard after a round. Touching the darts on the board will also perform this action.

301 / 501 / 701 – Will start a count down game starting at these scores. Each player throws 3 darts in turn with the score decreasing when they hit points. The first player to zero (exactly) wins.

Bulls Eye = 50 points
Bull ( ring around bulls eye )= 25 points
Scores 1 – 20 as marked on board
Inner Ring = Triple Points
Outer Ring = Double Points

Inside the dartboard, you’ll find a convenient settings notecard that allows you to customize the game to your liking. With just a few tweaks, you can choose whether turns are forced after a player has thrown 3 darts or not. You can also adjust who has access to the dartboard menu, whether it’s just yourself or a specific group the board is set to.


Please be advised that our dartboard game may be affected by region lag as it relies on physics and good script times to work smoothly. While I have included some code in the scripts to help overcome these challenges, there may still be instances where the dart bounces off the board and then tries to position itself where it hit. Unfortunately, I cannot control the unpredictability of lag in Second Life, so please understand that the board is designed to work best in optimal sim conditions.

It’s also important to note that in this game, the darts align themselves perpendicular to the dartboard when they hit. While this may sometimes give the illusion of the dart moving to a different point than where it hit, this is not the case. Any dart movement will be due to the angle adjustment or the dart having bounced or moved from its first hit point and then returning.