Arcade Basketball Shoot

Welcome to our Abranimations arcade-style basketball shootout game! Its the perfect addition to any virtual game room or entertainment venue, offering hours of fun and friendly competition for players.

Our basketball shootout game is designed to be intuitive and easy to play, with simple controls that allow players to quickly get in on the action. Click on the ball to get the ball attachment, and hit the start button. Then aim in mouselook and throw the balls at the hoop. Try and get as many in the basketball net before the clock hits zero.

The game comes with built in sounds that can be changed with the UUID of your own sounds and several texture options, all configured from the notecard inside the game machine. It can also be set as free play or pay per play via the same notecard.

Why not add a little arcade-style fun to your virtual life in Second Life? Our basketball shootout game is the perfect choice for players who want to test their basketball shoot skills! The game is on display in the games section of our main store should you wish to try it out!




This is an arcade / fun fair style basketball shoot game. Throw as many basketballs into the net as you can over a set time period. To play the game touch the basketball at the front to receive a ball attachment and wear it. Click the red start button to start the game timer. To throw the ball, aim in mouselook and hold the left mouse button to build up power. Let go to release the ball. The longer you hold the mouse the more power the ball will have. As the balls go through the net your score increases. When the timer reaches zero the game is over. If you have a new high score it will be added to the game hi-score box.

This game has a Land Impact of 22

There is a setting notecard inside the machine that has various options as follows…

This sets the time for a game to last

This is optional bonus time added when you score a point. Set to Zero if you do not wish to have any bonus time added when a player scores.


The above options set the UUID of the game sound effects. If you have your own sounds you wish to replace the default ones with you should add the UUID here.


The above two options adjust the SFX & Music volume from 0 (silent) to 1 (loud).


If you wish to charge players to play you can set this to a Linden value. When set to Zero the game is free to play.

This allows you to set one of the built in texture options ARCADE, WOOD, OLDMETAL, WHITE, BLACK, RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, PINK