Pillow Fighting

Looking for a fun and playful accessory to add to your Second Life inventory? The Fighting Pillow is the ultimate addition for anyone who wants to engage in epic virtual pillow fights with friends and other avatars. With a built-in health system and customizable options, you can engage in friendly brawls and have endless hours of fun. Additionally, the included vendor allows you to sell pillows to friends and guests, with a generous 50% commission for each sale. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to liven up your Secondlife experience, the Fighting Pillow is the perfect choice.





Introducing the ultimate addition to your virtual pillow fight arsenal – the Fighting Pillow! Designed for friendly pillow fights among Second Life avatars, the Fighting Pillow is a fun and playful accessory that allows you to swing and hit other avatars with a simple click of the left mouse button. To get started, simply right-click on the pillow in your inventory and select ‘Wear’ to attach it to your avatar.

But the fun doesn’t stop there – the Pillow also includes a built-in health system that depletes when hit by other pillows. This means you can engage in epic pillow fight brawls with other Fighting Pillow owners!

The Pillow Fighting also features a handy options menu. Simply touch and hold the pillow for one second to display the menu, where you can restart your health, change the color of your pillow, and display your health status.

In addition to the Fighting Pillow, the pack also includes a vendor that allows you to sell pillows to friends and guests, with a 50% commission for every sale. It’s a great opportunity to spread the joy of virtual pillow fights while earning some extra Linden Dollars. So why not share the fun and get rewarded in the process? Grab the Fighting Pillow pack today and become the ultimate virtual pillow fight champion!