Trash Spitting Bin

This is a bin that spits trash out when you click on it.



This simple bin comes in 8 colors. Touching one of them causes it to spit an item of trash out.

Inside the bin there is a setting notecard with a few options to adjust how the bin works. It can be set to automatically throw trash at people when an avatar is standing in front of it. The frequency of this trash spitting can also be adjusted


As this item was originally just created as a fun part of our store it does not come with an extensive set of trash inside. I figure some of you may wish to load your own trash though so it has been designed to accept new objects added into its content as trash.

Before you add any objects this please make sure they have physics turned on and that they are set temp on rez so as to not use up all the land prims. Please also drop the script included with the bin inside your trash so it will disappear according to the bin settings notecard time.