Raccoon Buddy Animesh

Introducing the Animesh Raccoon Buddy – the perfect companion for anyone looking to add some lighthearted fun to their Second Life experience. This adorable raccoon will follow you around and keep you company wherever you go. Its playful and cute appearance adds a touch of joy and excitement to any virtual world adventure. Get your Animesh Raccoon Buddy today and enjoy the fun and lovable company it brings!





Looking for a cute and fun addition to your Second Life avatar? Introducing the Animesh Raccoon Buddy! This lovable companion will walk by your side and keep you company as you explore Secondlife. Raccoon Buddy adds a touch of playfulness to your virtual experience.

To get started, simply right-click on the Raccoon Buddy in your inventory and select ‘Wear’ to attach it to your avatar. The Raccoon Buddy will stand by your side and walk with you. Please make sure it attaches to your center attachment point otherwise he may not work correctly. If he appears to sink into the ground (which he may for shorter avatars), then you can use the normal sl edit tools to adjust his position and give him a little help up out of the ground.

The Raccoon Buddy also comes with a variety of fun options. Clicking on it will display a menu where you can turn sounds on and off, remove its hat and jumper, switch between idle dance/stand mode, or even give it some trashcan lids to create beautiful raccoon music!

Whether you’re looking for a cute companion or just want to add some fun to your sl experience, the Animesh Raccoon Buddy is the perfect choice. Don’t wait – get yours today and start exploring Second Life with your new furry friend!