Mini Motorbikes

Looking for a thrilling ride in Second Life? Look no further than this set of mini motorbike vehicles! These speedy little bikes are a perfect way to explore SL with friends or just tear up the virtual pavement solo. Rez one and hop on for a ride that will have you feeling the wind in your hair (well, virtually at least) as you speed through the streets. Want to share the fun with your guests? Use the included land rezzer to create a whole fleet of bikes for everyone to ride. Get ready for some high-speed fun!



These mini motorbike vehicles are the perfect addition to your sl vehicle collection! Simply rez and ride – use the arrow keys to zoom around and the page up key to catch some air. And when you’re ready to share the fun, use the included land rezzer to let your guests ride in style too. With a customizable color selection and automatic deletion, this is one ride you won’t want to miss!

Looking to share the fun of riding mini motorbikes with your friends in Secondlife? Well, look no further than these speedy little bikes! With just a rez and a sit, you’ll be ready to ride your own mini motorbikes with friends!

But what if you want to share the excitement with your friends and guests, even when you’re not around? No problem! With the included land rezzer, your guests can automatically spawn their own motorbikes to ride around your land, without you even having to be there. Plus, with multiple color options included, you and your friends can ride around in style. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to rev those engines and hit the open road!