Hot Air Balloon & Rezzer

Introducing the Hot Air Balloon Vehicle – the perfect way to explore Second Life from above! Whether you’re soaring through the skies with friends or enjoying some peaceful alone time, our balloon is the ultimate in stylish and comfortable transportation. Our convenient rezzer makes it easy to provide a fleet of balloons for all your guests to enjoy. And with customizable color options and a variety of controls at your fingertips, the Hot Air Balloon Vehicle is sure to become your new favorite mode of transportation in Second Life.



Looking for a fun and unique way to explore the virtual skies of Second Life?

This Hot Air Balloon Vehicle is the perfect addition to your Second Life adventures! With space for up to three avatars, including the driver, you can soar the virtual skies with SL friends and family.

You also have the option to place a rezzer on your land and automatically create balloons for your guests. The driver can touch the balloon to access various options to customize textures and camera angle.

Whether you’re flying solo or taking your buddies for a ride, our Hot Air Balloon is the perfect way to explore Second Life in style.