Dance Animation Lengths

AbramelinGeneral News

I’ve uploaded a PDF download containing all the animation times for our new mocap dances (and some of our old mocap dances).  I’ll keep adding to this as we release new dances. Unfortunately I cannot find a lot of the original files for our older dances, some of which date back to 2004/2005. I also cannot match all of them easily due the name changes etc. post upload to SL. As and when I do locate them though I will add these as well. Hope this is of some help to SL dancers that create sequenced routines 🙂 The download … Read More

New To SL – Photo Studio With Eye Pose System!

AbramelinNew Releases

Today we have just released our very exciting new photo studio which comes packed full of cool features including our unique (never seen before in SL) Eye Pose System! No more hanging around waiting for your eyes to point in the right direction. You can now use the eye pose system to point them exactly where you want them to look. You can even make the eyes move independently of one another to get some crazy looks!

New Sensual & Slow Dances

AbramelinNew Releases

We have just released our new slow and sensual motion capture dance pack. These dances are fun, sensual and mildly theatrical in nature, performed recently in our studio by the amazing professional dancer Jo Richards. There is quite a lot of floor work with these so I have included versions of some animations for shorter avatars so that they do not sink into the ground. Ground sinkage for short avatars is a common problem with animations in Secondlife due to how the hip movement in animations scale with different avatar sizes. Hope you all enjoy these! 🙂 Read on to … Read More

New Mocap Tai Chi Animation

AbramelinNew Releases

Today we have released a new motion capture Tai Chi animation to replace our old one. This is a much smoother and more realistic version having been captured in our new state of the art studio. This video demos it being performed by two avatars dressed in our Rabbit Fancy Dress Costumes. (also available from Abranimations In SL) For more information please read on!

New Vintage Couples Dances

AbramelinNew Releases

Today we have released a new range of motion capture vintage couples dances in SL. They were performed recently in our studio by a real life Lindy Hop / Jitterbug dance couple and are some of our favorite dances to date. We have 23 dances in this range so far with a few more to come shortly. The dances include a range of 1920s-1940s dances such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate Shag and some Slow Blues dances. We have also released a few new slow dances today with more to come very soon. We have had a lot of capture … Read More

New 1920s Flapper Dances

AbramelinNew Releases

We have just released a new pack of motion capture “1920s Flapper dances” in SL. These fun quirky dances were captured recently in our Edinburgh studio. They are Choreographed and performed by a professional dancer who performs in a 1920s themed production in RL. There are 28 dances in this set. Each dance can be purchased for 150L or the whole set can be purchased for just 2250L ( Just 80L a dance!) They are available at our main store in Secondlife Click here for SLURL