New To SL – Photo Studio With Eye Pose System!

AbramelinNew Releases

Today we have just released our very exciting new photo studio which comes packed full of cool features including our unique (never seen before in SL) Eye Pose System! No more hanging around waiting for your eyes to point in the right direction. You can now use the eye pose system to point them exactly where you want them to look. You can even make the eyes move independently of one another to get some crazy looks!

This is the link to the detailed instruction manual that outlines all the features of this studio in detail. ProPhoto Studio Instruction Manual

These are the key features
1. Detailed HUD that controls all the studio parts
2. Eye Pose System to point your eyes where you want them.
3. 3500L worth of Abranimations Ascend Modelling Poses included FREE & 40 background textures.
4. Curved mesh customizable background screen that can be loaded with animations and textures.
5. Mesh studio lighting with lots of options to adjust lighting and height.
6. No need for a pose stand, everything is included in the screen itself.
7. Position and rotate your avatar easily with the control HUD.
8. Browse the animations inside the background screen with the HUD and load animation lists with your favorites.
9. Freeze camera option that will fix the camera in position so you can have the exact same angle for multiple shots, even if you have to relog!
10. Easy facial expression selection system
11. Built in updater for future updates. (I plan to add lots more features to this over time.)

You can purchase the studio from our in world store.
It is in the animation overrider area. The price is set at 4500L

Here is the SLURL


This is the HUD


Eyes Tab (eye tab that allows you to control the eye position)


Screen Tab (allows you to change the color and texture of the Screen)


MOVE Tab (position your avatar and rotate your avatar while on the screen)


Facial Expressions Tab


Animation Selection Tab


Lighting Control Tab


floating light.fw