New Mocap Geisha Dances

AbramelinNew Releases

We have just released our new range of motion captured Geisha dances. These replace our older geisha dances that we created some years ago. We made these dances recently by recording a real life dancer in our studio. There are 15 geisha fan dances and 11 dances intended for use without fans (although they do work rather well with fans too!). The dances are available in the dance area of our main store in SL.

New Mocap Pole Dances

AbramelinNew Releases

We have just captured a range of new pole dances in our motion capture studio. They are all performed by a professional pole dance teacher. Currently we have 20 released in our Secondlife store with about 20 – 30 more coming soon. They are sold as individual dances at the moment, but when we have cleaned up more we will sell them as a pack and also single poles that contain multiple dances with the option of adding additional ones. For now we have some videos of our pole dances 1 – 10 further in this article

Our Motion Capture Studio

AbramelinGeneral News

After a relatively quiet period for a couple of years we are back in full force! After relocating up to Edinburgh we have setup our new motion capture studio! We have a brand new state of the art optical motion capture system. The new system opens up all sorts of possibilities and removes many of the limitations we experienced with our old inertial suit. We have lot of very exciting stuff planned for this year. Some of it virtual world based, some of it not. The first exciting news is that we are in the process of hiring lots of … Read More