Animated Lava Lamp

Introducing the Animated Lava Lamp for Second Life! With its mesmerizing motion and smooth lava animation, this lamp is the perfect addition to any virtual living space. Interact with it to display a range of color options and turn it on and off with ease. Add a touch of retro ambiance to your second life with this stunning animated lava lamp!





Experience the mesmerizing motion of animated lava flowing up and down the tube as you rez it into your virtual world. Interact with the lamp by simply touching it to display the options menu. Choose from seven preset color options or turn it on and off as per your preference.

Although this decorative lamp has a Land Impact of 22, which is relatively higher than usual, it’s important to note that the smooth and realistic lava animation is created using Animesh. This feature contributes to the overall land impact cost of the item and is unavoidable.