Robot Dog Avatar

This Dog Robot Avatar is a perfect choice for anyone looking to add a unique and innovative touch to their Second Life experience. Inspired by the real-life boston dyamics robot its a fun avatar sure to entertain and impress second life friends. It comes with pre-built animations and an optional toilet paper holder attachment.



This avatar is a virtual representation of the real-life Boston Dynamics Dog Robot and comes complete with built-in animations and an optional toilet paper holder attachment.

To use this avatar, you’ll need to attach the main avatar, shape, and alpha mask to hide your regular human avatar. The toilet paper holder is an optional accessory and can also serve as an example for creating your own attachments. For any creations, you should use the ‘Tail Base’ attachment point, which corresponds with the front attachment spot on the top of the avatar.

If you wish to switch back to your regular avatar, please note that this avatar and its animations may deform your avatar to make it the right shape. If your shape does not revert to normal when changing back to your regular avatar, try relogging. If you’re using Firestorm, select the viewer menu options Avatar > Avatar Health > Undeform Avatar and Avatar > Avatar Health > Stop Avatar Animations & Revoke Permissions to reset everything back to normal.