Frog Avatar

If you’re feeling a little green with envy over all the cool avatars in Second Life, why not try hopping into a frog avatar for a change? With its whimsical charm and playful movements, this amphibious avatar will surely leave your friends and fellow residents ribbiting with delight! Plus, with the added bonus of an animated version that mimics a frog’s movement, you’ll be hopping and skipping through Second Life with an extra spring in your step. So why settle for a humdrum human avatar when you can jump into the fun and whimsy of a frog avatar? Give it a try and let the good times ribbit!


This frog avatar is designed as a green tree frog and can serve as an anthro avatar in an upright position. Additionally, it comes with an animated version that mimics a frog’s movement and hopping around when you move.

To use the frog avatar, simply right-click on one of the two frog avatars in your inventory (either upright or animated) and select “wear.” To ensure the correct proportions, make sure to attach the provided base shape, and to hide your regular avatar, attach the included alpha layer as well.