Dragon Avatar with Rideable Saddle

Get ready to soar through the virtual skies with our Bento Dragon Avatar! With built-in animations and customizable textures, this magical creature is perfect for exploring Second Life’s fantastical worlds. Plus, with a flight saddle included, you can take your friends on a ride they’ll never forget!





Introducing our bento animated Dragon Avatar with built-in animations and flight saddle! This mystical creature is waiting for you to bring it to life by simply right-clicking on the ‘Bento Dragon by Abranimations’ object in your inventory and selecting the ‘Wear’ option. Don’t forget to attach the alpha mask item included to hide your regular avatar and remove any other items that might distort your dragon’s bones.

Customize your dragon avatar with a variety of color options available through the menu accessed with the chat command /45dragon. Additionally, a box of textures is included for those who want to experiment with alternate colors. The dragon avtatar is modifiable, so feel free to unleash your creativity and customize it to your liking.

Our Bento Dragon Avatar comes with a saddle that enables you to take your friends on a magical ride! Drop the saddle on the ground, and as the dragon, sit on the large green ball, while your rider sits on the red ball above it. The dragon controls the flight, but we’ve included a copy and transferable attachment for your rider to communicate with you via arrow keys and page up/page down to indicate which direction they want to fly. You can choose to ignore your rider’s commands, but be warned, it might land you in a dark cave!

Lastly, don’t forget to add some fiery excitement to your flights with the optional Fire Breath Attachment. Click the left mouse button to breathe fire without actually burning anything down. Get ready to take your Second Life adventures to new heights with our Bento Dragon Avatar and Flight Saddle!