New Mocap Pole Dances

AbramelinNew Releases

We have just captured a range of new pole dances in our motion capture studio. They are all performed by a professional pole dance teacher. Currently we have 20 released in our Secondlife store with about 20 – 30 more coming soon. They are sold as individual dances at the moment, but when we have cleaned up more we will sell them as a pack and also single poles that contain multiple dances with the option of adding additional ones.

For now we have some videos of our pole dances 1 – 10 further in this article

Pole Dance 1

Pole Dance 2

Pole Dance 3

Pole Dance 4

Pole Dance 5

Pole Dance 6

Pole Dance 7

Pole Dance 8

Pole Dance 9

Pole Dance 10

More to come soon…