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NEWS Version 1.1 Released   11 May 2013

This update contains a number of changes.

1. The eye panel now works slightly differently. You have to click on an eye position to move them, you can no longer touch and slide the eyes. This change is necessary to prevent chat spam and lag when controlling the screen externally.

2. The owner can now control the screen without sitting on it. If an avatar is sitting on the screen the owner can using the HUD to control their eyes, face and pose as well.

3. The owners version of the HUD will still also change the owners eye position and face expression as well as the avatar sitting on the screen. I have left it like this so that the HUD can be used without the screen by the owner for eye/face expressions in SL. Photographers that wish to control avatars on the screen without affecting there own avatars should use the distributable HUD included.

4. When an avatar is sitting on the screen (including the owner) they can now touch it to receive a copy of the distributable HUD. This HUD can be used by anyone but only works with the screen. If the avatar is not the owner of the screen they must be sitting on it to make any changes. The owner of the screen can use this HUD or the owners version to control the screen when they are not sitting on it.

5. The update checker is only available on the owners version of the HUD.

6. The owner of the studio can restrict the HUD use and distribution to allow everyone access or Just owner or to group only by editing the settings notecard that now appears inside the screen. Setting the variables everyone=TRUE allows everyone to take a copy of the HUD. Setting group=TRUE allows members with the same active group the screen is set to to take a copy of the HUD. The owner can always take a copy but as with other avatars they must sit on the screen. By default it is set to same group only.