We make everything that our imaginations can come up with. Often we’re not even sure if our ideas are possible but we always do our best to push the boundaries. Our motion capture studio is permanently set up to record. We build everything in mesh and utilise years of scripting experience. All these elements together means we can let our imaginations run riot.

The lead up to Christmas is our favourite time for creating with having to dream up and build twenty four new products for our advent calendar. It’s always a race against time to get them all finished, boxed up and ready for each day in December. By the time Christmas comes there’s an almighty sigh of relief. The Advent Calendar is our opportunity to give a little back to our customers that mean the world to us. There nothing more fun that watching all the hilarity on our sim as people play with the gifts.


  • Dance animations from every genre and we can think of
  • Animation overriders that range from cool to silly
  • Animations for machinima creators
  • Fun and bizarre vehicles
  • Toys, games and gadgets that bring out your inner child
  • Cute, strange or scary avatars and costumes

Dance Animations

We regularly delve into Edinburgh’s pool of talent and hire dancers to create our now extensive dance animation collection. In our store you’ll find, belly dance, reggae dancehall, hip hop, cabaret, show girls, break dance, ballet, contemporary, geisha dances, pole dance, disco, country line dances, tap, 1920s flappers, 1960s, rock and many more. To give you an idea of how smooth and fluid our dance animations are, please watch this video of our beautiful belly dances.

For something a little off the wall, we’ve captured Napoleon Dynamite dances, Asylum Dances, Zombie Dances, Drunk Dances and Mime & Abstract. The zombie dances are a particular favourite of ours. Probably our funniest. On the capture day we instructed the dancer to do ballet, disco, country line and so forth, all in the style of a zombie. She was a natural! Take a look for yourself…

He have an abundance of couple’s dances included in our collection. There’s romantic slow dances, charleston, lindy hop, ballroom, medieval and so on. Most recently we hired a very skilled lap dancer and used and additional actor to capture the most realistic lap dances in Secondlife. There really is something to suit everyone.

Animations Overriders

We have various motion captured male and female animation overriders. It’s a product we’ve been producing since the beginning. The cream of the crop has to be the Lotus Mood AO. It contains a spectrum emotion animations. The entirely unique flower design of the HUD was dreamed up when brainstorming down the pub. It makes it simple and fun to use and enables quick use of body language to communicate whatever you are feeling in world.

Machinima Animations

After we released the Lotus Mood AO, we discovered that machinima creators were rocking up in their droves to buy the individual emotion animations. Since then we have added many animations to this collection to help them in their story telling. We’re only a month or so from adding hundreds more so watch this space.