Reggae Dances SET 1 (BENTO)

Introducing our ‘Reggae Dance’ motion capture animation pack! This pack features a variety of mocap animations inspired by the rhythmic and energetic movements of reggae dance. Created by recording professional dancers and performers using state-of-the-art motion capture technology, each animation in this pack captures the essence of reggae dance styles, featuring a variety of fun and upbeat moves that are perfect for expressing yourself on the virtual dance floor. With our Reggae Dance motion capture pack, you’ll be able to showcase your virtual dance skills with a dynamic and authentic style, perfect for immersing yourself in the vibrant world of reggae culture. Get ready to move to the beat and experience the lively world of reggae dance with our dynamic and versatile animations!




These motion capture dances are great for SL dance choreography or just as fun dances for use at events and clubs. Each mocap dance has been recorded using motion capture technology to capture the subtle nuances of various well known dance moves performed by a professional dancer.

We strongly encourage you to try these dance animations in-world before any purchase on the marketplace to make sure you like them on your avatar before purchase. Additionally, in-world we offer the option to purchase each dance individually should you only want one or two of them. This allows you to curate a personalized dance animation repertoire that perfectly suits your artistic vision. This dance pack does however offer a large discount over buying the dances individually.

This is the slurl to our in-world store where you can try the dances out

Our dance animations can be used as they are from your inventory. But most people prefer to use them in a Dance HUD or dance machine for easier control and flexibility. The dances do not come preloaded in a HUD as we really want them to be viewed on their own merit and not tie anyone into any particular dance system. The dances are standard SL dances though so they should work fine in any good dance device/hud in SL. We are now excited to offer our dance HUD and dancesphere (our own dance chim) completely free to complement our animations.

These are the marketplace links to these which are also available in our in-world store.


DANCE SPHERE – Wearable dance machine

We sell our dances on various other platforms including IMVU and Sansar. We also get asked frequently for the data to use in game engines or 3D Art software. We are in the process of processing all our data for this kindof use and will add it to our website and/or the various platform specific marketplaces as and when it is ready. Please see our studio website for more info