Our animations are created in our own motion capture studio with real life dancers and performers. This means that our animations are extremely fluid and life like.

We have been creating motion capture animations for virtual worlds since early 2005 using high specification motion capture technology. We were actually the first company to invest in and bring custom motion capture to the virtual world Second Life. We have two in-house motion capture systems that we use. Firstly an inertial motion capture suit. This has military grade gyroscopes on each limb allowing us to track full body motion on location and without the aid of any cameras. Secondly in our Edinburgh based studio we have a high specification 24 camera optical motion capture system. This system provides very clean accurate data and can capture multiple actors at a time. It can even capture fingers! Although at this time hand animation is not possible in Second Life and Open Sim based Grids.

Our Edinburgh based studio is Awesome Dog Motion Capture Studio.