New Mocap Reggae Dancehall Dances

AbramelinNew Releases

We have released our new range of reggae dancehall animations today. These are really cool dances performed by professional dancer Jo Richards in our studio. They are cool, fluid and many of them contain lots of booty shaking! Others in the set are unisex so there is plenty for the guys too! The pack includes 23  dances that have a mixture of moves choreographed together by our dancer and 12 dances that focus on whining/butterfly and the bogal dance moves. The height sensitive animations also include additional animations for shorter avatars so they do not sink into the ground (this is a common problem in SL for short avatars). Some of these dances focus on specific moves such as whining (booty shake!). I have included a slightly faster version of these as well as the regular version.

The dances in this set can be purchased individually for 150L or in a pack of 35 for only 2800L (works out at a fantastic price of 80L per dance)