Full Perms License Agreement

Awesome Dog Ltd – Motion Capture Studio

This license sets out the terms of sale and use for our Full Perms motion capture animations. Please read this license carefully and agree to the terms before you purchase and use any of our full permission animations. We have invested a lot in time and huge sums of money in the motion capture technology to bring them into SL. It is really important to us that they do not end up ‘in the wild’ with full perms.

1. Abranimations grants a license to the purchasing avatar to use the animation content in Second Life. The content may not be extracted, backed up offline or used in any other virtual world, game, 3d program, platform or system. On some occasions we may provide additional supporting content to which the same license terms apply.

2. This license is a single avatar license and may not be transfered to another avatar. Each avatar must purchase their own unique licenses before they are authorized to use the animations in their own creations.

3. The animations licensed under this agreement may only be transfered with “NO COPY” or “NO TRANSFER” permissions. They may not under any circumstances be transfered to another avatar with both “copy” and “transfer” permissions. Please make sure that the animations have their permissions changed correctly before you sell or distribute them in your creation.

4. You may not sell the animations by themselves or as part of an animation pack. They may ONLY be used as a component part of your own creation. To protect the value of our work, your investment and other creators investment please do not sell items containing our content at prices below market value. The only exception to this rule is if you wish to transfered items to bloggers for review or if you wish to include them in (very) short term promotions.

5. You may not claim that our animations are your own creations. You are free to credit us if you wish but you may not claim or imply that you are a affiliated with Abranimations or our real life studio Awesome Dog Ltd.

6. All our content remains the intellectual property of Awesome Dog Ltd ( Abranimations is a Trading Name in SL ). This content is licensed to you in perpetuity under the terms and conditions laid out here. Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in remedial action being sought.

7. We reserve the right to change / update these terms should the need arise.

8. Data protection: Abranimations will maintain a database of customers with valid licenses. This data will not be shared with any third parties. We will use this data to check valid licenses should the need arise and to verify license owners should we need to redeliver any lost content.