Dear SL Friends & Creators,

We realised for quite some time now that there is a real shortage of high quality motion capture FULL PERMS animations for SL content creators. To rectify this situation we have made it our mission to create an extensive FULL PERMS library. Recorded in our state of the art optical motion capture studio with real life performers, our animations are smooth with all the nuanced realism of human motion. Our extensive FULL PERMS library includes 100s of animations covering a wide range of subjects and genres. Hiring a studio can cost thousands for just one day hire and that does not even cover the cleanup of the captured data or post processing required for use in SL. We aim to make high quality SL ready FULL PERMS mocap accessible and affordable for all creators in Secondlife.

Our FULL PERMS mocap animation store in now open for business and can be found in our main store on Animations.

Whilst we have worked tirelessly on creating this library, please bare with us if you can’t find what your are looking for. We will be continuously adding to this collection and please feel free to make suggestions directly to us. We will endeavour to do our best to extend the library and meet your needs where we can.

– Abramelin Wolfe