What are Experiences in SL

Experiences are a relatively new feature in SL that allow you to have a more seamless and immersive experience. They allow you to grant permission to a certain ‘Experience’ so that various actions can affect your avatar without you having to grant permission every time. When you agree to take part in an experience permissions will persist until you leave the experience via the Avatar>Experiences menu in the viewer.

What Permissions Are Granted

– We can trigger animations
(Example. We could make you dance when you stand on a table or make you slip on a banana skin.)

– Attach objects to your avatar

(eg. If playing a game we could attach a prop to you automatically when you click on it without having to ask.)

– Track your camera
(eg. We could make objects respond when you look at them, or zoom to the location your looking!)

– Control your camera
(eg. We could create cinematic events when you enter a room, or make your camera shake in an earthquake!)

– Teleport you.
(eg. We can send you to other locations in our store or on the grid when you walk through a portal doors!)

What Permissions Are NOT Granted

– Debit Permission
Experiences do NOT grant Debit Permissions. We cannot, will not and would not ever take money from you without your consent.

What do we use experiences for?

We use experiences to enhance your time shopping with us and whilst playing our games. For now, it is primarily to help with navigation in our store. We will likely add more features in the future to help test products easily and provide some fun entertainment. We will always make sure our experience are not intrusive or annoying. And you are free to leave the experience at any time via the Avatar>Experiences menu in the viewer.

How to Join Abranimations Experience?

When you interact with certain elements, for example our portal teleport doorways it will ask you if you wish to be a part of our experience. Following the instructions and granting the permissions when asked will allow you to take part. After that you will not need to grant us permission again unless you have left the experience.