Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you for custom work?

Broadly speaking no we don't take on any custom SL work. Although very very occasionally we make exceptions if a project is of special interest to us. That being said the main reason we do not usually take on SL work is because rarely are we offered reasonable payment in RL terms. If you do want to hire either myself or Wildcat for custom work please feel free to contact us, but do expect to pay our real life rates.

With regard to animation. Please bare in mind we make our animations in our own motion capture studio. This is expensive business to operate both in terms of premesis rent, equipment cost, performer hire and time taken to clean data up post capture. It really is not viable for us to create custom animation for a few dollars. If you are interested in hiring our studio you can find our corporate website here

 Last updated Mon, Aug 4 2014 1:00am

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