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When I put my own animations in my AO it doesnt work.

There are a few things to check if you have had problems configuring your AO. There is also a video on this page that guides you through the AO setup process.

A) Did you set up the settings note card with the animation name AND put the animation inside the AOs Contents?

B) Did you remember to reset the AO after doing this? The ao must be reset for the script to load the new settings.

C) Is the animation name the same as the name you have configured in the settings note card?
It is VERY important that they are identical, The names are case sensitive and there must be no extra spaces or other characters in them. The name of the animation inside the AO, and the name of configured in the note card must be absolutely identical.

D) sometimes if the AO has a lot of animations inside it will not always save immediately when a change is made. If it has not saved properly before it it taken back into your inventory the settings will not save. (This can also result in No Copy animations being lost! )
To be sure it will work do the following when making a changeā€¦

i) Drop the AO on the ground, do NOT edit it while attached to your avatar

ii) Put the animation inside the AO and configure the settings notecard

iii) Give it a few minutes before taking it back into your inventory to be sure it has loaded everything correctly. Then take it into your inventory and attach it.

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