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How can I help prevent inventory loss again in the future?

Inventory loss is very frustrating, there are some things though that I have found help prevent some occurances of it. I hope this helps.

~ Contents of an object
When adding items to an objects contents (such as dances into a dance hud), before you take the object into your inventory give it a few minutes and check that all the dances have loaded properly into it (the way I check this is to right click on an objects contents inventory item, if the menu has 4 options I generally find it meens it has loaded properly, if it has more then you need to wait) . SL can have problems with items taken into inventory before there contents have all loaded properly. This is especially important when in a laggy sim. This rule applies to both copy objects and no copy objects alike.
It is also worth keeping in mind with copyable items, that you will have multiple copies of it in your inventory. If you have added animations to one of them, they will not appear in all of them. So if it seems your item is missing your anims, make sure that it is in fact the same one you added your anims to. Renaming objects can help ease inventory confusion.

- Detaching Attachments
I usually attach and detatch attachments via my inventory to be safer. This prevents them being accidently being dropped from your avatar, or worse still deleted on your avatar. I have found that if you delete an attachment it disappears and does not return to your avatars trash folder. Be very careful when attaching and detatching. And try to see it in your inventory and deal with it from there. If you have an item attached, but it does not show in your inventory then something is VERY WRONG. you may well need to contact LL to resolve it. If you detatch it though at this point it will disappear.

- Lag Beware
If you are in a very laggy area, or things such as rezzing objects and money transactions seem to be failing, then do NOT attempt to do any attaching/detatching of no copy objects. When SL is in this state it is very likely you will loose something. It is best to wait until these problems have stopped.

- Clear Cache
Sometimes items do not show up in your inventory simply because your SL Cache is borked. If you go to preferences > network and empty you cache it may reload when you log back into sl. It may take some time to reload if you have a lot of items, but once it has try searching for it.

- Search and be patient
The inventory search feature is very useful for finding items. There are also filters you can use to find recent items etc. One thing though that is often important if you have a lot of inventory items is patience. Sometimes things can take a long time to load. If they do not show up it might meen that your cache needs to be cleared.

- Does the land you are on have autoreturn switched on?
If it does the item you have rezzed in world will be returned to you after a set period of time, this will go into yoru lost and found folder in your inventory. If you have multiple objects returned at once, they may be grouped together preventing you from seeing the object you have lost. In the event of this it is best to find somewhere to sit down and rez all these returned objects.

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