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I added animations to my chim / ao & when I took it into my inventory they disappeared!

First check that if your dance machine or AO (or other attachment) was copyable that the version you are looking at in your inventory is the same version that you rezzed in world. When you take an item it usually goes back to the same place in your inventory that you rezzed it from. However this is not always the case. Check all the copies you have in your inventory.

There is a bug which can cause this to happen. It is especially common in an object that has a lot of contents. It is very important to wait for the animations to load inside the object so you can see them before you take it back into your inventory. As a policy before I take anything back I wait for it to load, and right click on the animation I added to see if I could display a menu. If I can it is usually safe to take it back into inventory.

If everything fails and you appear to have lost dances your best option will then be to contact the creators of the dances. If the dances were created by us I will do my best to replace them. It would be helpful if you can send me the transaction history showing purchase date and time. If im unable to confirm the purchase through my own logs I may be unable to provide replacements.

 Last updated Mon, Aug 4 2014 1:00am

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