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An item I rezzed in world has disappeared, how can I find it?

Sometimes items you have in SL may disappear. Here are a few pointers which may help you find it.

A) Did it get returned to your inventory. If an item is returned from a parcel it will appear in your lost and found folder. This would sound simple to find however SL now has a Coalesce feature which groups objects together if multiple objects are returned from a parcel at once. The best thing to do if this happens is to go to a sandbox or space that you can and are allowed to build on, and rez items in your lost and found folder around the time that the item was lost. You can sort inventory by date using the option in its Sort menu.

B) Are the items ones which could be invisible. Such as poseballs or other objects which can be set to go transparent. If you know the command for an object to make it visible if it has one try that. Also try selecting the option in the view menu at the top of the screen ‘Highlight Transparent’. This will show any transparent objects as translucent red on your screen.

C) If you left it somewhere on land not owned by you have you tried asking the land owner if you have any objects on there land. They can check this information, and return any objects to you that you may have left on there land. When returned the objects will go into your lost and found folder. If there are multiple objects being returned at once they might be grouped together as one item.

D) Does anyone you know have rights to modify your objects (you have to specifically grant them these rights). It is possible for Avatars that have modify rights on your things to take a transferable item left in world into there own inventory. If it was an item deeded to a group, it is also possible that another group member took it.

E) Did the sim you were in crash very shortly after you rezzed the item in world. If this happened it is quite possible that the object is now permanently gone. It is still worth trying the other steps on this page to try and find the item though.

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