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Is there anything I can do to ensure I get items delivered?

To an extent yes there is. SL is plagued with delivery problems, but there are often some common causes.

Heres a few tips…

a) Make sure that you do not have busy mode on. If your avatar has busy mode on it will reject any items sent to it from a scripted vendor or object. This includes all purchases made from the marketplace. As a rule before you make a delivery ensure that you do NOT have busy mode on.

b) Make sure you do not have the person that you are purchasing from muted. This may sound silly but you really cannot take this for granted. I often have enquiries from people that have purchased an item and not had it delivered. It then turns out that at some stage they have accidently put me in there mute list. All objects, chat and purchases are then rejected completely.

c) If there are announcements from LL saying do not purchase as the grid is having trouble. Please dont chance it. It really is best to be patient and wait until the grid is stable again.

d) If you purchased an item from a box or vendor, it could appear in your inventory in either a folder or a box in your objects folder. Often the problem is not so much that an item is not delivered but that it gets lost in the inventory. My other faqs have more information to help find items.

e) Sometimes items are delivered but they just do not show up. If you clear your cache in SL preferences adn relog, it should reload your inventory. Often items will then show up.

f) If a delivery seems to have failed, also check your transaction history to see that it did go through. Often it turns out after some investigation that a transaction never actually went through, which is why an item was undelivered. Sometimes bad people also set up trick vendors. Please also check the owner of the vendor before you pay it to make sure that you are purchasing from me.

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