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An item I purchased has disappeared, how can I find it?

If an item you purchased no longer seems to be in your inventory Try the following steps to find/retrieve it.

A) It may just not be showing up in your inventory due to SL Cache problems (This is very common) . If this is the case the following steps to clear your cache should resolve it.

i) Select preferences from the edit menu at the top of the screen to bring up SL Preferences.
ii) Now go to the network tab and click on the Clear Cache Button.
iii) Now relog, when you enter SL again your cache will be cleared and your inventory will reload.
iv) Try searching for the object again.

B) It may just be lost in a place in your inventory that you did not expect it to be. Try using filters to find it.
In your inventory it is possible to filter the results shown to those things that only entered your inventory within the past hour or so. To do this in your inventory window go to the Filters menu, and select ‘Modify Current’ . In the window that appears, at the bottom you can adjust the Hours or Days in the past that it will show up. Change the Hours to say 1 hour and press return on your keyboard, now check your inventory. Your inventory will now only show items that entered it or were changed in the past hour. Once done using the filters set the Hours back to 0 so you can see all your inventory again. It is also possible using filters to only show certain types of object in your inventory. So for example if you know it is an animation you are looking for you can select only animations, and nothing else will show up in your inventory.

C) Did you have this item in world and have it returned to your inventory. If an item is returned to your inventory it could end up in your lost and found folder. This would sound simple to find however SL now has a Coalesce feature which groups objects together if multiple objects are returned from a parcel at once. The best thing to do if this is to go to a sandbox or space that you can and are allowed to build on, and rez items in your lost and found folder around the time that the item was lost. You can sort inventory by date using the option in its Sort menu.

D) How long ago was it since you last used it? Are you sure that you did not give it to another avatar or leave it in world somewhere and forget?

E) Do any other Avatars have modify rights on your things (you have to specifically grant them these rights). It is possible for Avatars that have modify rights on your things to take a transferable item left in world into there own inventory. If it was an item deeded to a group, it is also possible that another group member took it.

F) If the item is an attachment, is it possible that you accidentally dropped it in world rather than detatch it. Also be careful not to delete an item attached to your avatar as this can cause them to disappear!

G) If none of the above helps please submit a support ticket. I will need your transaction history if possible. Please bare in mind whilst I do my best to help all our customers if your original purchase was a very long time ago I may not be able to help.

 Last updated Mon, Aug 4 2014 1:00am

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