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I purchased an item but only received an empty box!

Please check through the following suggestions...

A) Aside from the very very very rare accident, I do not sell any empty boxes (I am very very careful when packaging my items up!) so please make sure that the person you purchased from was me, and that you have not been scammed. You can check who your purchased an item from in your transaction history which you can access through the tools menu by selection the option Account History.

B) If you did definitely buy from me but all you can find is an empty box it indicates that you probably took the contents out maybe without even realizing it. This happens most commonly when people use the open option when right clicking on an object in world. In this case the contents will most likely be in a folder in your inventory with the same name as the box.

C) Sometimes things just take a while to load. If you have purchased an item that came in a box and definitly have not opened it….but it still shows no item inside. Then please try opening it on another sim. It could be that the region you are in is having problems causing the item not to show up.

D) If you deleted the object inside the box (while it was inside) I’m afraid you will not be able to retrieve it. If you have deleted the item from your inventory it will appear in your trash folder. You can retrieve an item from trash, by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Restore’. Make sure you do NOT purge the item, otherwise it will be gone forever!

E) Please be aware that not all my items come in boxes, if you do not appear to have received a box when you bought the item. You may have a folder in your inventory with the item inside.

If none of the above points help please submit a support ticket sending us the transaction details and Ill do my best to help.

 Last updated Mon, Aug 4 2014 1:00am

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