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Can I have a dance animation with different permissions?

No Copy Solo Dances
Sorry we only sell our solo dances with Modify/Copy/No Transfer permissions.

We do NOT sell them 'no copy' for two reasons
a) Animations get lost easily in SL, it is very time consuming to replace and not much fun for our customers.
b) We also have a couple of security concerns based on bad past experiences with people transfering items between each other.

With regard to Full Perms
We do not (at the time of writing) sell any animations Full Perms or Copy and Transfer. Please don't ask for this. It is simply not possible. If we do ever sell any full perms animations in the future they will not be any of our current products. We cannot make any exceptions to this whatsoever as it would undermine our future ability to get content removed from the grid if we need to as it would break other peoples content.

 Last updated Mon, Aug 4 2014 1:00am

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