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A scripted item is no longer working.

1. If it is a scripted item please check that all the scripts and animations etc are still inside it. If you have accidentally unpacked the contents of it you will need to put it back inside for it to work.

2. It is also worth checking the land settings in the place you are using the item as these settings can affect various types of items.

- If the item is scripted, please check that the land you are on has scripts enabled.
- If the item should move but appears to be stuck check that physics is enabled on the sim.
- If the item should create objects but cannot (for example a gun) check that build is allowed on the land.

3. If all the scripts are inside it and the land settings appear to be set ok but it still doesnt work.
Ok, it is possible that for some reason the scripts stopped running or broke. This can be caused by a variety of things such as sim crash or being shot by someone with a very powerful gun. You can fix broken and stopped scripts with the following procedure…

a) Drop your item on the ground.
b) Right click on it and select edit to go into edit mode.
c) Now go to the tools menu at the top of the screen and select the option from it ‘Set Scripts To Running’
d) Now go to the tools menu again and select the option ‘Reset Scripts In Selection’

4. Nothing has worked…
If you have tried everything in this FAQ but you still cannot get your item to work, please drop me a support ticket or use the contact form on this website explaining in as much details as possible whats happening, and Ill see if I can help further. Please provide as much information as possible to explain what you are seeing and with what item.

 Last updated Mon, Aug 4 2014 1:00am

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